Marco  Fabbro’s dynamic and collaborative creative expression and pursuits have evolved and expanded extensively for over 3 decades.

Functionally themed sculptural works have responded to locale in respect of environmental character, intrinsic natural beauty, cultural connections and recreational pursuits. For example, primary themes have included coral reef, the surf zone, and the waters of  Sydney harbour.

His larger-scale sculptures act as a blank three-dimensional canvas.  This canvas can be utilized by projection and video artists and it acts as  a performance podium for collaborative creative expression. His aim has been to bring together performance with tangible,  meaningful and symbolic enduring art.

In other artworks, illumination is used to highlight beauty inherent in natural form and objects while creating unique functional art for interiors.

“Belief system” and archetypal symbolism is also used extensively in his work. On a deeper level, he has extended his artistic license to attempt to portray the notion of conflict resolution and esoteric harmony.


Marine Bio Pty Ltd

Marco is also the managing director of  Marine Geo Pty Ltd.  This company has  extensive construction, landscaping , excavation, concreting and home renovation experience and expertise.

Marco Fabbro