Artist Statement

The motif of works are 3 dimensional representations of symbols of ancient  Chinese culture. These sculptures are  inspired by ancient Chinese  philosophy of the “Tao” – the notion of the resolution of conflict and disharmony  through  the balancing of opposites.

These works also constitute creative responses to the transformative power and rejuvenating quality of the ocean and the surf experience.

I create works as a evocative response to simply being alive at the turn of a millennium in the  calendar  of the western world.  This rare historic milestone, the ancient concept of universalism and the powerful oceanic surf experience, compel me to design, mould and carve sculptures. Through this pursuit, I also seek to explore abstract representation of the idea of conflict resolution. This is attempted as a personal journey seeking resolution to perceptions of the current human predicament and my own past.


Some of the artwork also provides a unique three dimensional “blank canvas” for multi-disciplinary and intercultural artistic expression.

Websters New World Dictionary -monument (n).

  1. Something set up to keep alive the memory of a person or an event…
  2. A work of enduring significance.
Marco Fabbro

Some of the comments  received in response to the exhibition the sculpture publicly  in 1999 and in 2013 are listed below: